Always Expecting

Academic Excellence

“Saint Joseph Catholic School has a BIG focus on academics.
 We set the bar high and give all students the support they need
to be successful. Our test scores prove it!”

Mrs. Marianne Aiken, Middle School Science Teacher

Each semester, students in grades 2-8 take the STAR Language Arts and Math Assessments. These standardized tests, like the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) used in public schools, are used to measure student learning and achievement as well as improve teaching.  As the graphs below indicate, Saint Joseph Catholic School provides an exceptional learning experience.  When measured against Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools and the national average, our students are consistently top performers.  While these test scores are impressive, they fail to tell the whole story of the benefits of a Catholic education.

We believe in a Culture of Learning here at Saint Joseph.  We see assessment as a critical tool to the fulfillment of our moral imperative to ensure that all children access their inalienable right to education.  Though academic formation alone is not comprehensive enough to ensure flourishing and access to Truth, we recognize that it is among the critical functions served by Catholic educators.  In this vein, we leverage assessment to support fulfillment of our moral imperative by objectively and consistently measuring students’ academic progress in core content areas.  We account for all children and leverage data cycles to support pushing each of them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to fully flourish, engage, and reason from a Catholic worldview.

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