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Our Principal

Dear Prospective Students and Parents:

Thank you for considering Saint Joseph Catholic School. As an academic community built on faith, we are dedicated to an exceptional preparatory and leadership program combined with Christian teachings based on Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Parents know that all children are born with a natural love for learning, a delight in discovery, openness to life and an awareness of themselves as being children of God. These gifts can be easily lost if not nurtured and encouraged. Nowhere are these gifts more recognized and supported in every child than in Catholic schools. A Catholic education goes beyond academics to include both the spiritual and intellectual development of every student. That’s why Saint Joseph Catholic School is the right place for your child’s natural love for learning to be nurtured and for their spiritual growth to be inspired, thus preparing them to live their dreams and fulfill their potential.

A Catholic education does and will make a difference in your child’s life. We offer an education for the future based on 21st century learning with current curriculum materials taught by certified, dedicated professionals to children in preschool through 8th grade. Daily religious instruction, weekly attendance at Mass, Christian service and the Christian environment cultivate in our students a love for Jesus Christ, fidelity to His church and commitment to the dignity of the human person. Catholic schools seek to assist parents in forming their children in moral and academic excellence.

This website will help you get acquainted with Saint Joseph Catholic School but is in no way able to convey all the information. Please contact the Saint Joseph School office at 484-1171 if you have further questions. We hope that you will choose to join our school community that is rich in tradition, faith and leadership.


Dr. Chuck Hubbeling



Dr. Chuck Hubbeling

Originally from South Dakota, Dr. Hubbeling moved to Colorado in 1993 to work as an engineer. He holds a doctoral degree in engineering at Colorado State University. Dr. Hubbeling transitioned to teaching with a position at the Poudre School District and then Saint Joseph Catholic School in 2005. While at Saint Joseph, he taught religion, science and biology…

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