Saint Joseph


Tuition Policy 2017-2018 School Year

Saint Joseph Catholic School is a religious school affiliated with the Archdiocese of Denver and a ministry of Saint Joseph Catholic Church, in Fort Collins, Colorado. The school relies upon tuition, church support, grants and fundraisers to raise all monies necessary to operate. As such, we need the families of children enrolled to be actively involved in working with the school to keep tuition affordable. For the 2016-2017 school year the cost for educating one child was $6,800. The set tuition for Catholic affiliated students for the 2017-2018 school year is $5,350. For non-affiliated students the tuition is $6,350. The difference between the cost and set tuition is made up as follows:

Registration Fee:

The registration fee for K-8 students is $400 per family. Preschool siblings are $85 per student. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and must be paid in full (cash or check) to secure registration.

Saint Joseph Catholic Church Support:

Saint Joseph Catholic School is a ministry of Saint Joseph Catholic Church. The parish provides financial and spiritual support for the school.

Catholic Schools Assistance Fund (CSAF):

The rewards of an exceptional Catholic education benefit not only the child, but also our entire Catholic community. The Archdiocese facilitates support from all parishes in the diocese by collecting a percentage of parish revenue into CSAF. Part of CSAF is returned to schools as support for students affiliated with other parishes. Since Saint Joseph provides Catholic education for all of Fort Collins, it has many students who fall into this category. For the 2017-2018 school year, it is unknown at this point of what is expected to be received for each student who is affiliated with a parish other than Saint Joseph.

Spirit Fundraiser:

SPIRIT is the largest school fundraiser and contributes significantly to the school’s operating budget. As part of your commitment to Saint Joseph Catholic School, each family is charge a $250 fee (included in the cost of tuition) and asked to sell raffle tickets and volunteer time at this annual gala. The $250 SPIRIT fee will be refunded in May in the form of a tuition credit if a procurement item is donated to the event’s silent and/or live auction.

SCRIP (gift cards):

The school sells SCRIP (gift cards) to different retail, restaurant, grocery store, and other service providers. We purchase the gift cards at a reduced price and sell to families at face value. This valuable program raises approximately $50,000 a year. Each family is charged a $500 fee (included in the cost of tuition). By utilizing the SCRIP program, families are able to earn rebates for purchases and offset their tuition. Tuition credits will be applied in May.


Applications are made to various foundations, such as the Catholic Foundation, the Catholic Schools Assistance Fund (CSAF), and the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal campaign.

Above & Beyond Fund:

This is a fund for families who can afford to contribute a financial amount Above and Beyond the set tuition amount of $5,350. Any amount paid above required tuition may be a tax-deductible contribution. Your contribution will help offset the difference between the actual tuition cost of $6,800 and the set tuition amount of $5,350.

By registering your child/children at Saint Joseph Catholic School, commitments have been made to have the appropriate number of books, desks, teachers, and more to accommodate your child/ren. As such, should you leave during the school year, you agree to pay for the month you notified Saint Joseph Catholic School of your leaving, and the following month. If you register, but do not attend in the fall, you agree to pay for one month.