The athletic program at Saint Joseph Catholic School is designed to provide a variety of opportunities to enhance the health, well-being, citizenship, character development, and athletic skills of students. Coaches and staff strive to provide an atmosphere that encourages athletic and academic excellence. Student athletes are expected to demonstrate courtesy, self-control, and Christian principles of sportsmanship. These principles will not be neglected in the desire to win.

Sports Seasons


Girls Volleyball – 6th-8th Grade
Cross Country – 5th-8th Grade


Boys Basketball – 6th-8th Grade
Girls Basketball – 6th-8th Grade

*5th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball will be run through the City of Fort Collins Parks and Recreation Department


Boys and Girls District Track – 4th-5th Grade
Boys and Girls Track – 6th-8th Grade

Athletic Fees
The $85 athletic fee (per sport) covers the cost of officals, facility rentals, uniforms and jerseys as well as a contribution toward an end-of-the season coach’s gift. In addition, there is a $50 uniform fee that will be refunded at the end of the season if the uniform is returned in good condition. No athletic fee will be refunded after the athlete participates in their first game or match.

It is the responsibility of the athlete and parents to arrange transportation to and from practices and games. Athletes may ride home with a parent or another adult if that adult is included on the transportation permission sheet signed by the parent.

Athletic Eligibility
At Saint Joseph Catholic School, academics and appropriate behavior are top priorities. Students will be placed on academic probation if they have more than one “D” or an “F” in any subject. Academic reports will be handed to the teachers on Monday morning of each week, and the grades the athletic director receives on Monday will remain until the following Monday. Therefore, it is the students responsibility to turn in all missing assignments or extra credit by the prior Friday. Work that is turned in on Monday morning will not count toward the student’s grade for that week.

If a student receives a detention for any reason they will not be allowed to play in the first game immediately following the detention.

It is not our intention to isolate any student(s) or make them feel as though they may not be a part of our athletic program. We are trying to teach our students about time management, responsibility and accountability.