The Archdiocese of Denver is committed to working with all families who desire the transformational power of a Catholic education for their children. Studies reveal time and time again the advantages of Catholic education for students at all levels of income. For this reason, the Archdiocese of Denver and its related entities provide millions of dollars in scholarship money to students each year. Let’s talk and find a way to make Frassati affordable for you.

We welcome the opportunity to include children of immigrant and minority families into our school community because we are in truth all brothers and sisters in the Lord. Also, we have something special to offer: Latino and African-American children who attend Catholic schools go to college at a 42% higher rate and show a smaller achievement gap. If you have questions or unique considerations for your child, please contact us.


Grades K-5

Non-Affiliated Catholic and Non-Catholic Families: $6,360

Fully-Affiliated Catholics (requires pastor letter): $5,200

Jr. Kindergarten—3-year-olds

Tuition for 5 Full days: $6,500

Tuition for 3 Full days: $5,000

Tuition for 3 Half days: $3,125

Jr. Kindergarten—4-year-olds

Tuition for 5 Full days: $6,500

Tuition for 5 Half days: $5,500

Frassati Catholic Academy is conveniently located in Thorton, CO.